After listening to the wonderful Doracor albums Transizione (2001) and Evanescenze (2005) I was very curious to this new album from multi-instrumentalist Corrado Sardella and his band. Well, again Doracor managed to make a compelling album that is inspired by mid-Genesis (like the track Dimensione 4) but this time less obviously than in the past. The compositions sound melodic and alternating featuring lots of howling guitar runs and pleasant work on keyboards (from soft choir-Mellotron waves and mellow Fender Rhodes piano to fat synthesizers). I also enjoyed the wide range of instruments like saxophone, vibraphone and violin like in the titletrack. The vocal parts are sung by a male and female singer, especially the song Il Giardino Di Peitra contains a great performance by Gianna Chilla, blended with biting electric guitar, very exciting! If you are up to compelling symphonic prog, this album is a tasteful and pleasant discovery.

Erik Neuteboom