Doracor is one of the lesser known symphonic prog bands coming from Italy, and I wonder why, but with already 20 years career so far. Their music is challenging, intresting and very well written and with plenty of memorable passages. Doracor's fourth release from 2001 named Transizione issued at famous Mellow records label, is a very worthy album. SYmphonic prog of the highest calibre is to be found here, are only 3 pieces, but very lenghty, with opening track Cavaliere del destino clocking around 27 min, but what a brilliant and inventive pieces, elaborated music. Nice mood, lots of instrumental sections, bombastic arrangements in parts, strong guitars and awesome keyboards, just to say in few words, but overall is much more , every one intrested in great italian symphonic prog must listen to this band, they really kick ass. I like a lot the vocal parts, combined with the music is top notch result. I also enjoy the guitar parts, very good and very Steve Vai in aproach, some intresting nice solos and overall arrangements. Flute and some violin appears here and there giving a more elaborated sound, in some parts remind me of Kansas more recent albums, but combined with that elegant refined italian atmosphere. So, ovearll a very worthy album, one of the best I've heared from italian school.

Bogdan Olariu