Is keyboardist  Corrado Sardella a member of a band from which he took a temporary leave to produce this totally solo keyboard-orgy of an album? I don't know, but i do know that he thanks such bands as The Flower Kings,  Covenant, Arena and IQ in the liner notes for their inspiration, and that the influence of each of those bands is very palpable here. In fact, one might even go so far as to say that The Long Pathway is an instrumental tour-de-force almost custom made for fans of the above bands who a) don't mind doing without vocals for a while and b) aren't too bothered by sixty-minutes of digital rather than kit drumming. Doracor's is an elaborately fanciful music, with structures, melodies and moods very much in keeping with the not exactly original fantasy cover. The plurality of tracks trade in stately, imperial analogue-synth themes, accompanied by piano, organ, some digital synthesis, and surprisingly full-sounding digital bass. he best thing about these pieces is that rarely slides into arbitrariness. Like Nighttales, another new keys-based instrumental project, Doracor  produce a highly romantic, tonally comfortable and non-envelope pushing symphonic prog that will appeal to many fans of mainstream progressive rock.

Doctor Nerve