Doracor released a full Italian symphonic once again. There is even Ian Mosley on drums (as a guest)!
The opening and title track is a complex piece of music which captivates the listener for about nine minutes. All the elements of the genre are present: skilled musicians, emotional vocals, fine melodies. You name them. It is an excellent start, although it might be difficult to confirm such a high profile song.
On the atmospheric side, the band proposes Vento Dell'Est, which is a soft ballad not too far from the early Genesis. It is a very relaxing and straightforward song which features a splendid and very melodic guitar solo. I really like such moments. The song closes on a symphonic sax part, just as it begun.
Corrado Sardella has not forgotten his debuts: Roma Dei Misteri is a spacey instrumental which seems to come back from his early releases. It is not my fave here. It is true to say that good old Emerson influence is noticeable when you listen to Diafana Ipnosi: but it sounds so fresh and light. The frenzy is also leaving the place to some very melodic vocal lines which are quite remarkable.
There are lots of moving passages on this album: the beautiful violin during the short Lungotevere Insonne is such one. Another outstanding band member is Milton Damia: I have already mentioned his excellent vocal skills and it is combined with some very good guitar capabilities (Testimone La Luna).
Lady Roma is a very pleasant album to listen to. It offers peaceful themes (Zucchero Filato and its sweet sax part) and provides emotions like we are used to with the Italian genre (probably the only one to convey such passion).
This album belongs to the very best work of Doracor. Four stars.