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Doracor is without hesitation one of my fav italian prog bands for many years, I found them very inspired band with consistent albums and very solid musicianship on every album. I review two albums in the near past Tranzitione and Lady Roma and I found them quite intresting and well played, now is time for another goody from this little know symphonic prog band from Italy. Onirika is the title of their sixth release, issued in 2007 at same Mellow records. 5 pieces grace the album, each one divided in some more smaller parts. This type of symphonic prog I like a lot, very melodic, tons of waving keybords, nice elegant guitar arrangements, complicated twists on each instrument. Violin and sax appear here and there giving a very unique sound and atmosphere. The vocal lines are sung by a male Milton Damia and female singer, especially the song Il Giardino Di Peitra contains a great performance by Gianna Chilla, excellent choirs overall. So, overall very nice album, at same level with Tranzitione or Lady Roma, that means solid. From me easy 4 stars, elegant and intresting release. Doracor definetly needs a far more recognition worldwide, to me is one of the best symphonic prog bands Italy ever had and has. Very nice arwork like on previous releases.

Bogdan Olariu

Doracor is one of the lesser known symphonic prog bands coming from Italy, and I wonder why, but with already 20 years career so far. Their music is challenging, intresting and very well written and with plenty of memorable passages. Doracor's fourth release from 2001 named Transizione issued at famous Mellow records label, is a very worthy album. SYmphonic prog of the highest calibre is to be found here, are only 3 pieces, but very lenghty, with opening track Cavaliere del destino clocking around 27 min, but what a brilliant and inventive pieces, elaborated music. Nice mood, lots of instrumental sections, bombastic arrangements in parts, strong guitars and awesome keyboards, just to say in few words, but overall is much more , every one intrested in great italian symphonic prog must listen to this band, they really kick ass. I like a lot the vocal parts, combined with the music is top notch result. I also enjoy the guitar parts, very good and very Steve Vai in aproach, some intresting nice solos and overall arrangements. Flute and some violin appears here and there giving a more elaborated sound, in some parts remind me of Kansas more recent albums, but combined with that elegant refined italian atmosphere. So, ovearll a very worthy album, one of the best I've heared from italian school.

Bogdan Olariu

Lady Roma issued at same Mellow records in 2008 is another worthy and captivating offer from their catalogue. Keeping the same attitude as on Transizione (the only album I know besides this one) so far, but definatly want to check out more of their music because I like a lot what I've heared on this two releases. With , now more shorter pieces and more in number, only title track, the opening is little lenghtier around 9 min, the rest are between 2 and 7, but is not a problem at all, Doracor manage once again to capture my attention, big time. Very nice, elegant symphonic prog with lot to offer, both on instrumental sections as on vocal departement. This album can be consider as a detication of Corrado Sardella main man of the band to Eternal City - Rome, his own town. Some highlits here like title track or Roma Dei Misteri, very strong musicianship and elaborated instrumental parts, really like this kind of symphonic prog. The voice of Milton Damia is great, one of the few italian singers I know who doesn't have that specific accent when sing in english, really nice smooth voice. Ian Mosley the famous drumer of Marillion appear here besides othe rinvited guests. LUsh keyboards in interplay with the guitar parts makes from this seventh release from Doracot a worthy listning. 4 stars again, very strong band that is far less known then other acts from this country, they need for sure a wider recognition because they worth it.

Bogdan Olariu

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    Passioni postmoderne di un musicista errante (2016) - AMS 274

    La vita che cade (2011) - MMP 522

    Lady Roma (2008) - MMP 504

    Onirika (2007) - MMP 495

    Evanescenze (2005) - MMP 483

    Transizione (2001) - MMP 408

    Antiche impressioni (1999) - MMP 368

    Segni premonitori (1998) - MMP 348

    The long pathway (1997) - MMP 332

    Wanderlust (1995/1996 - unrel. demo)


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    Corrado Sardella
    Keyboards, Synthesizers

    Red Canzian
    Fretless Bass

    Kostas Milonas


    Roberto Tiranti

    Alessandro Corvaglia

    Riccardo Mastantuono

    Maurizio Testani

    Patrizio Destriere

    Milton Damia
    Vocals, Guitars

    Jacky Man

    Mike Wilbury

    Nicola Di GiĆ 

    Mimmo Picco

    Andrea Pavoni

    Mario Barletta

    Ian Beabout
    Transverse Flute